The Adelaide Zero Project

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The goal of the Adelaide Zero Project is to end street homelessness in the inner city and ultimately end homelessness in South Australia.

The latest data on the Adelaide Zero Project Dashboard, which tracks our progress towards achieving and sustaining Functional Zero street homelessness in the inner city, can be found here.


In South Australia in 2018, the Adelaide Zero Project (AZP) was launched with the strong support of the City of Adelaide, becoming the first Australian community to seek to count down to the goal of ending homelessness. The Adelaide Zero Project was also the first community outside of North America to establish what is known as a ‘quality by-name list’, measuring in real- time the number and needs of everyone experiencing homelessness. This by-name list (BNL) data is currently reflected in monthly updates to the Adelaide Zero Project Dashboard.

The Adelaide Zero Project aims to reach Functional Zero for people who are either:

  • currently sleeping rough; or
  • were sleeping rough, but are now temporarily sheltered.

Functional Zero street homelessness is achieved when the number of people who are (or were) sleeping rough in the inner city is no greater than the housing available in that month, and this can be consistently proven with data. More information about Functional Zero can be found here.

The AZP continues to improve coordination of responses to rough sleeping homelessness in the inner City of Adelaide, with the goal of ending rough sleeping homelessness by 2025.

Our Community

The Adelaide Zero Project has been a collaborative effort since its inception.

Organisations from across the public, private, community and university sectors have collectively taken up the challenge to achieve Functional Zero homelessness in the Adelaide CBD through the Adelaide Zero Project.

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