Homelessness Conference

Homelessness Conference

Since the inaugural event held in 2014 by the Don Dunstan Foundation, the Homelessness Conference has become an annual forum for addressing issues about and solutions to homelessness.

For detailed information about each conference, please visit the Don Dunstan Foundation website.

Homelessness Week 2020

Due to COVID-19,  the Don Dunstan Foundation was unable to present the 2020 Homelessness Conference. Instead a series of activities were presented during Homelessness Week, facilitating a series of dynamic online articles, events and videos.

Homelessness Conference 2019 – Preventing Homelessness

The theme for this year, Preventing Homelessness, examined the various ways that those working in the public, community and private sectors can collaborate more effectively to prevent homelessness in South Australia. The conference also provided an opportunity to hear updates on the Adelaide Zero Project.

Homelessness Conference 2018 – Sharing Solutions to End Homelessness

David Pearson, ‘Adelaide Zero Project Update’

Homelessness Conference 2017 – Working Together to End Homelessness

David Pearson, ‘Adelaide Zero Project’

Jake Maguire, ‘Reaching Functional Zero: A problem-solving system to end homelessness’

Homelessness Conference 2016 – Home is where the heart is: Building hope for mental health and recovery

Rosanne Haggerty, ‘Home is where the heart is: Building hope for mental health and recovery’

Homelessness Conference 2015 – Valuing the Homelessness Sector – Humanity, Productivity and Building Futures

Senator Jan McLucas, ‘Address from the Federal Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness’

Professor Paul Smyth, ‘Phoenix Rising: Renewing the Voluntary Sector in Australia’

Homelessness Conference 2014 – Towards New Models for the 21st Century

Dr Shelley Mallett, ‘Homelessness Policies for the 21st Century’

Professor Chris Chamberlain, ‘Evaluation of Melbourne Street to Home’

Dr Sharon Parkinson, ‘What can we learn from Journeys to Social Inclusion (J2SI)?’

Dr Cameron Parsell, ‘Street Outreach, Housing and Supportive Housing’

Dr Rosanna Scutella, ‘Housing Markets and Individual Risks of Homelessness’