Adelaide Zero Project Implementation Plan 2.1

Adelaide Zero Project Implementation Plan 2.1

The Adelaide Zero Project has been a collaborative effort since its 2018 inception and the development of this Implementation Plan continues that effort.

More than 40 organisations from across the public, private, community and university sectors have collectively taken up the challenge to achieve Functional Zero street homelessness in the Adelaide CBD, through the Adelaide Zero Project. The Don Dunstan Foundation was the backbone organisation co-ordinating the Project until the end of 2020. The development of the Adelaide Zero Project was informed by a research team made up of academics from the University of Adelaide and Flinders University.

Phase 1 determined how the Functional Zero approach from the US could be implemented in Adelaide, including establishing goals, structures, and timelines.

The Adelaide Zero Project Implementation Plan 2.1 sets out the next steps in the development of the project, the timeline for key activities and, crucially, which organisations will take responsibility for delivering the various elements of the project.

In 2020, the Adelaide Zero Project aims to take a number of steps towards Functional Zero including:

  • introducing a greater focus on prevention and early intervention of rough-sleeping;
  • trialling a new Emergency Fund that services can flexibly use to help people to maintain their housing or access housing quickly after sleeping rough;
  • improving culturally-appropriate responses for Aboriginal people experiencing homelessness and mobility by working with Aboriginal leaders, communities and services;
  • increasing coordination across services to ensure people receive the right support at the right time;
  • and improving the ways in which people with a lived experience of homelessness can participate in the Adelaide Zero Project and have a hand in shaping solutions.

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