Becoming a Vanguard State

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Becoming a Vanguard State
An historic moment for South Australia

The Ruff Institute of Global Homelessness (IGH – Chicago) launched the first Vanguard Cities cohort in 2017 with key global strategic partners to begin pioneering work in 13 Vanguard Cities across 6 continents.

Each city made a commitment to significantly reduce or end street sleeping in reflection of their local context. The initiative is designed to support and uplift local expertise and innovation while reaping the benefits of both community and global exchange.

In November 2017, the City of Adelaide signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Institute of Global Homelessness to become a Vanguard City.

Five years later, in February 2022, South Australia became the world’s second Vanguard State, helping to end homelessness beyond Adelaide’s inner city and throughout South Australia. This significant event further demonstrated the collective commitment of state and local governments and the non-government homelessness sector in pursuit of the goal of ending homelessness in South Australia.

“There’s no single building, policy or pill that will solve homelessness, only by community and all levels of government working together will do that.”

David Pearson

Memorandum of Understanding

Signed 16th February 2022

Media Release: SA to become second ‘Vanguard State’ in the world

Issued 16th February 2022

Support Visit Review

February 2019

Media Release: Adelaide recognised globally for its bid to end street homelessness

Issued 14 November 2017

Memorandum of Joint Commitment

Signed 14 November 2017

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